1. Modern real-estate templates built exclusively for real estate professionals and businesses

Our modern real-estate templates are made only for real estate professionals and businesses. In short, this means putting our core focus on real estate professionals first and foremost when coming up with our strategy, design, and implementation of your customized website.

Through building your next modern and mobile-optimized website, we will promote your personal brand, company, and real estate projects to increase awareness along with increased lead generation to stand-out from the crowd in today’s fast-changing digital world.

All your property listings will be made available on your website in real-time once you update the listings through the Property Flow platform. These real-time updates mean no more delays without the need to maintain duplicate listings in different systems!

Allow your clients to easily browse your inventory through our advanced search capabilities for extended search criterias such as size, floor, rooms, and more, as well as more extensive search filters including amenities, facilities, and locations.

To top it off, we enable online bookings & payments on your project and portal websites to allow your clients to easily reserve their units and to collect their payments, all online.

2. Simple and efficient CMS with built-in CRM, channel manager, co-broking, and more

Take full control of your leads by utilizing an efficient CRM on your day-to-day basis to make sure that your team is always on top of their leads – making sure that you never miss a deal again!

Manage all your leads from multiple sources all in one place through a seamless integration with your listing database. Agents who are responsible for a specific property will receive the lead, but as a manager, you can easily re-assign given leads to other team members when required.

If needed, you can also prevent agents from viewing leads assigned to other members in your team to ensure that agents are only focusing on the leads that they have already been assigned to.

Allow your team members to all be on-top of your sales process by having all your leads in one place – allowing for an easy transition from the lead through to various stages in order to successfully close the deal properly.

Start managing all your business contacts in one centralized place; whether it be your owners, buyers, renters, or seller leads. Our platform lets you quickly look-up contacts to view associated properties as you go.

CRM Lead Management – Control your leads easier on-the-go and all in one place!

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3. Worry free websites – no additional set-up fees!

Having a modern real-estate website will also require fast & secure website hosting in order for your site to provide high-quality services to the public. The advantages of us setting up your web-hosting operations for you include higher website performance, greater online security, faster loading speeds, and more.

Put simply, web hosting is where the files, information, and content that create your website are safely stored for others to see. All websites today need quality and on-going web hosting to keep your site ahead of others.

It’s very important to choose a secure & reliable web host that suits the needs of your specific website niche.

All websites are hosted and managed by the Property Flow team, so you have nothing to worry about. Our team will ensure that the websites are always available and updated, and you will be able to receive new feature updates as part of the service once the team introduces new features as part of the product.

Modern real estate websites – get real-time updates for your property listings.

4. SEO and other digital marketing tools ready at your disposal

Search engine optimization (SEO) for real estate businesses are becoming more and more vital each day, as an increasing number of buyers/sellers are becoming more connected online each day and are using search engines to buy and sell their properties online.

Letting us SEO-optimize your website’s content means letting us rank you higher on a search engine’s results pages (known as SERPS).

Being present on the first page of a search engine like Google for a certain phrase, for example “one bedroom condo in Bangkok”, results in more people seeing your website on a search engine to allow for higher chances of clicks to your website, to then bringing in added SEO traffic, and to lastly resulting in a deal made.

Once you’re present and ranking on search engines, it’s also equally important to track your progress and understand where exactly your website traffic is coming from (user acquisition), what they are doing on your website (user behaviors) and who they are (user demographics).

All our websites are re-configured and set-up with Google Analytics, Google AdWords, and Facebook Pixels – allowing you effeciently track your users in order to run efficient marketing campaigns and bring your visitors back to your website. We can also run dedicated marketing campaigns for you, enabling you to target various user segments based on specific user inquiries, previous user actions performed, and much more.

Integrating all our proven digital marketing tools & strategies will set you up for the online growth needed for you to stay ahead in today’s fast-changing digital world.

We helped Jang Property to serve their clients in finding the perfect property through a modern and mobile-optimized website.

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5. Optimized for mobile-use on all the latest devices

Mobile devices of all different shapes & sizes continue to transform the way people interact with property buyers, sellers, and renters worldwide.

A detailed report by NAR research group informed that a up to 72% of buyers have made a search for a home via a mobile device. Expect to see higher potential, especially in younger buyers, as more people are relying on their smartphones to take their businesses with them on the go.

All our websites are optimized for mobile traffic to ensure the best possible experience for your website visitors on their mobile devices as well as tablets.

It’s important for all your website’s landing pages & blogs to have a responsive design that automatically adjusts to fit on any device’s screen; whether it is a mobile phone, desktop computer, or a tablet/iPad.

Make sure that all your website’s users, who are on your landing page or blog, can easily navigate through towards the end goal and take actions (such as a button click or an add to cart purchase) as the more the user has to navigate around the content, the less likely the user will smoothly follow through to your end objective.

A modern and mobile responsive design allows you to have a fully-responsive and well functioning website to promote your brand and properties efficiently. Built with modern technology, our modern websites will perform well on any platform and will be well-optimized for SEO too!

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