If you’re a seasoned real estate professional, you likely know that your online presence is essential to your success or failure when it comes to generating new leads and clients for your business. So we are going to bypass the typical online marketing tips about having a website, starting a blog, and creating a Facebook page. Instead, we are going to share some more specific strategies that you can use to market yourself and your real estate business. Ones that already assume you have a website, blog, and Facebook page.

1. Use Responsive Web Design

Because of the continued rise of website visitors using mobile devices, the need for a mobile-friendly site becomes more important. This is why responsive web design is a must for your real estate business

What is responsive web design? It is simply a design that is fluid—as a visitor’s browser size changes so do the design. This usually means that a site with the basic main column and sidebar design on a desktop will be displayed on the sidebar below the main column of content on a mobile device.

Why responsive design? Studies and statistics show that sites with a responsive web design have higher conversion rates and increased sales. Google also recommends the responsive design. And, of course, your potential clients will love the fact that they can visit your website from anywhere with any device.

2. Create Local Content

Creating content that is helpful for home buyers and sellers is a must. Both buyers and sellers tend to spend a lot of time researching the buying and selling process, especially if it’s their first time. In addition to covering the basics, you’ll also want to invest in creating content for the locations you cover. People moving to a new area will be interested in fun facts, statistics, schools, neighborhoods, events, and so forth. If your website offers them content on these topics, they will ultimately be introduced to your services.

3. Capture Emails

You can build their email list by asking you for yours to get updates for new content about your area. Why is this powerful? Because between the Facebook ads and emails you sign up for, you won’t forget company or your name. And when it comes time to buy or sell a home, you’ll likely think of them.

4. Ask for Reviews

The research results showed that The International website portal has an average over 16 million visitors per month.  This means that your customers are likely using them to find houses and research the best real estate agents in the area. This is why you need to not only have an agent profile on a popular web portal, but you need to encourage your clients to review you as well.

You can’t be shy about asking for reviews, especially ones that could be extremely valuable for your business. Anytime you receive an email or phone call where a client expresses praise for your service, use the opportunity to ask them for a review (or the network they used to find you).

As an added bonus, you can copy and paste your best reviews on your website. Since they can be verified on a popular portal, you can feel confident about sharing them. If you offer multiple services, be sure to find unique testimonials for those pages to instill confidence in anyone who is considering contacting you.

5. Use Beautiful Cover Photos

Cover photos on social networks can provide a great marketing opportunity. For example, uses their Facebook cover photo to highlight their mobile app.

As you can see, no matter what type of real estate business you are in, you can take advantage of cover photos. Be sure to also include a link for people to click on in the photo’s description so that people who click on the photo can get to the highlighted subject on your website. In the above examples, the links should take people to the mobile app, the property, and the conference pages.

Also, when it comes to cover photos, don’t forget about using them on LinkedIn (also known as the background, available if you have a premium account with premium visibility turned on), Twitter (also known as the header photo), and Google+.

6. Answer Questions

There are dozens of great places online where you can connect with potential clients by simply answering their questions.  Where people ask questions about locations worldwide, with specific sub-forums for each state in the US or somewhere and sub-forums within each state for the largest metropolitan areas. There are also question and answer networks that allow people to ask questions about all topics, including home buying, selling, and relocating.

All you have to do is find the networks, forums, and groups where your potential clients are going to discuss their real estate needs, join them, and start answering questions. Start by setting a half-hour of time each day to checking each network for questions that your potential clients ask, answer them, and move on.

Source Content-based: zapier