Independent agents

Property Flow provides everything required for a real-estate agent to get started. Manage your property listings and get the distributed to all leading real-estate portals for lead generation.Your agent profile gives you an online presence without the need to buy a dedicated website. All properties are available online on dedicated landing pages.

Listing management

Global reach


Improved workflow

Listing mangement

Manage your complete property inventory one place. No more need to maintain multiple property listings on many web websites and real-estate portals. Property Flow provides the required tools to reduce your admin overhead, and at the same time improve the quality of your property listings.

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Powerful search

Quickly find properties matching your customer complex queries through the powerful Property Flow search. Specify your initial search criteria, and further narrow down the result until matching properties are found.

Filter based on property information, facilities, amenities, and location information.

Simple listview

View property listings in a simple list view to quickly find properties through free text search, or basic filters.

Enriched property listings

Properties managed through the Property Flow platform will continuously be enriched with additional content through our content database. This includes both project and neighborhood information and images.

Easier search your own listings through additional enriched metadata associated with your properties once uploaded.


Protect all your property pictures, and avoid competitors re-using your content. Configure your company watermark, and watermark will be automatically added to all new property listings!

Share properties

Easily share properties to customers directly from both the property list as well as through the search interface. Properties can be shared through social media, Twitter and Facebook, as well as email branded with your company logo.

Project directory

Get complete access to an ever growing real-estate project directory for Thailand. No more need for project research outside of the platform. Conveniently access high quality images, project specification and editorial reviews directly through the platform.

Publish to leading Thai real-estate portals

The core idea of Property Flow is to maintain one high quality property listing that is always up to date with all relevant information. To assist our customers increase their lead generation, and to get as wide reach as possible for their properties we partner with the leading Thai real-estate portals to give our customers a seamless and integrated solution.

Quickly enable publishing of your property listings to the various portals, and we take care of the rest. All updates done to properties through Property Flow will also be reflected on the partner portals that our customers opt-in for.

Automatically ensure that your property listings always stay up to date on our Thai partner portals including HipFlat, and DD Property

Get global reach

Attract foreign investors through our international real-estate portal partnerships. Easily opt-in for each of the portals that you think is suitable for your target customer, and your properties will be made available globally automatically!

Currently partnering with leading global real-estate portals like Juwai China, Globimmo Europe / USA, and many more.

Lead generation through FindYourSpace portal

As an added bonus, also receive additional leads through the modern FindYourSpace real-estate portal for all published properties managed through FindYourSpace Pro.

Published on leading Thai real-estate mobile app

Get exposure from mobile home seekers looking for a new home on their mobile phones through the leading mobile app for real-estate in Thailand.