My name is Pie. I am a fourth year student at Stamford International University, majoring in Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in digital marketing.

I’m writing this article to share my experience of joining Seven Peaks Software as a digital marketing intern.

How I got into Property Flow

As a final year student at Stamford International University, all students are required to do an internship during a final year, so I started looking for an internship. I applied to many places and I came across Seven Peaks Software myself through searching on Google. I applied directly through the Seven Peaks Software career page.

When I applied for the internship at Seven Peaks Software, I sensed a welcoming atmosphere and enjoyable working environment when I browsed Seven Peaks Software’s website. After that, I made the decision to join the company without any hesitation.

It was only 5 days after I submitted my resume and cover letter to the company. The HR team set up an interview a few days later. I had an interview with the Marketing Manager (Bo Pedersen). It was an amazing interview, I felt the friendliness of the company.

Moreover, on the first day, I entered the office and the marketing team had a welcome lunch to greet me. It made me feel like family because everyone was taking care of each other like a family and very friendly and the working atmosphere was diverse and very international.

My tasks and responsibilities

My main responsibilities are content creation and content marketing on social media platforms and scheduling social media posts on Hootsuite including on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Plus, I responded to making clients’ persona in-depth and creating a social media audience report for Property Flow; a subsidiary company of Seven Peaks Software.

Moreover, Seven Peaks Software did provide an SEO accelerated course for us interns in order for us to gain an understanding of the basics of SEO after writing articles and publishing on WordPress. I feel that the internship here is really hands-on and it made me learn a lot here.

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A wonderful team

It was an honor for me to be on the same team as Bo, Jason, Chan, all of the Property Flow team and other interns too. The three mentors were always there to help me with any questions or lack of understanding of the job.

They are always ready to help. From that, I was only a student with knowledge only in the classroom. But being an intern at Seven Peaks Software and Property Flow has taught me a lot.

Moreover, all of them helped me to see myself from a different aspect, although I didn’t think I could.

I will never forget the kindness and care they have given me throughout my internship.


I was doing my internship for Seven Peaks Software and Property Flow for a total of four months.

It’s been a very short time and I’m shocked that my internship is going to end so soon. I am so thankful to everyone in the company for welcoming me and always helping me.

It was such a wonderful time. And if you want to have a good internship or work experience like me, go and apply to Seven Peaks Software and Property Flow!

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