Facebook Catalog

Property Flow now supports automatically publishing all of your supported(*) property listings to Facebook Catalog, which will allow you to use your listings easily for both Facebook Dynamic Ads as well as Facebook Marketplace

Getting started

Setup Business Manager

Create a Facebook page, and if you don’t already have a Facebook Business Manager set up, you can create one here.

Create a Facebook Catalog

On the Facebook Business manager, navigate to Product Catalog, and create a new real-estate property catalog here.

When you create the catalog, associate it with your Business profile created previously, and give the catalog a name. For example “Property Flow – Properties”

To continue click “View Catalog” and you can now start setting up the XML feed for your properties.

Set up the automatic import of the properties, by selecting “Scheduled upload” and setting it to “Daily” for import one time per day, or “Hourly” to import each hour.

In the URL Text box, input the XML Feed URL provided by Property Flow. If you do not have this link, please contact us at contact@property-flow.com and we will provide this. Leave username/password empty, and specify a name for the feed to help you remember it later, for example, “Property Flow feed”.

Last Set Currency to “THB” and click “Start Upload

Supported property types

Currently, Facebook Marketplace only supports the following property types:

  • Apartment
  • Condo
  • Land
  • Townhouse
  • Other ( Other properties not matched by the previous property types, including office, commercial etc. )

Feed validation

Make sure the Feed has been imported correctly by navigating to the “Feeds” list.

Import success

Once the import has been successful, you should see the properties appear on the marketplace.

Import failed

If the import has been marked as fail, click on the import to view more details.

Some properties rejected

Review the reasons for rejection

A common reason for rejections is property type not supported and location missing.

Note: If Province, City, or Country, is missing it might be due to the project on Property Flow does not have the correct location specified. If so, please contact us at support@property-flow.com and we will update the project. The next time the feed is imported this problem should then be resolved automatically.

There were no items detected in the XML feed provided

Please make sure you have properties added on Property Flow, that have been published.

If an error is not explained above then send these details to support@property-flow.com for the team to investigate the problem.

The URL provided returned no content

Note: The Facebook Marketplace XML Feed is only enabled for paid clients, and will be automatically disabled once the subscription ends.

View home listings

Navigate to the “Home Listings” tab to view the properties that has been imported to your Facebook property catalog.

Facebook Dynamic Ads

The Product Catalog populated on Facebook also allows you to run more efficient marketing campaigns through Dynamic Ads.  The ads can be associated with your property catalog and allow you to serve property ads on Facebook to potential clients that have previously visited your website based on their viewing history of properties.

More information about this and how to take advantage of these features will come in a future blog post!

Facebook Marketplace

The Product catalog will allow you to easily populate Facebook Marketplace with your properties. More information on how to do this will come in the future blog posts.