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Note: At the moment we do not provide any service directly to owners, but please sign up and we will notify you once we open up these services in the future.

Individual agent

Price: 18,000 THB
BUY – Property Flow Agent Website
FREE – Property Flow Advance Agent Plan (9,000 THB – Publish up to 300 listings)

Broker / Company / Team

Price: 36,000 THB
BUY – Property Flow Broker Website
FREE – Property Flow Agency Plan 5 Users (24,000 THB)

– Offer valid until Tuesday 31st of August 2021.
– The payment has to be paid within Tuesday 31st of August 2021.
– This promotion does not support re-design or custom change on website.
– This purchase under this promotion is NON-REFUNDABLE.
– Online payment (via credit or debit card) only.
– This promotion is not including website domain name setup fee. If you would like us to purchase domain name for website the cost of set up is up to 1,500 THB (annually). You can check pricing for your preferred domain name before making a purchase)
– Your website will be ready to launch within 3 weeks after we received all information we need for website.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The following section contains more information about Property Flow and our services to make sure you easier can make a decision.

How long do I have to wait?

Your account will be automatically created once you sign up, and you will be able to activate your account from the email you receive.

I have a lot of listings, how can import them?

For all clients paying more than 6 months in advance the Property Flow team will free of charge help and import your existing property database given its in a structured format (Excel, or XML files).

What if i need more users?

You can add as many users you want to the team and enterprise plans at an additional monthly cost per user.

What is the difference between agent and team plan?

The agent plan is for an independent agent that work alone, and team account allows multiple agents, admin staff and broker to collaborate and work efficiently on property listings, and leads together.

How can I invite my team?

You can invite all your team members to work under your company / team account by sending an email to support@property-flow.com. The team will help invite and create the additional users.

I’m not very technical, can we get training?

Training is provided free of charge, and usually twice a month at the Property Flow office in central Bangkok.  Please contact us to discuss training on client location or training through an online meeting for remote locations.

How can  you help, I am not a real-estate professional?

Sorry, Property Flow is only servicing real-estate professionals, but we are happy to help you get started as a real-estate agent if your interested in starting a career in this space!

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Property Flow also provides free training on our platform for all our users, so please sign up and join our platform and we will help get your business online!

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