Customer relationship manager

Take control of your leads by introducing a CRM in your day to day process. Never miss out on a deal again, and make sure your team is always on top of their leads.

Lead Management

Manage leads from multiple sources in one place seamlessly integrated with your listing database. Agents responsible for the specific property will receive the lead, but as a manager you can also easily re-assign given leads to other team members when required.

If needed you can prevent agents from viewing leads assigned to other members in your team, to ensure agents only are focusing on leads they have been assigned.


Sales process

Allow your team to manage the lead and transition the lead through the various stages required to close the sale.

Contact Management

Manage all your contacts in one place, owners as well as buyer, renter and seller leads. Quickly look up contacts and view associated properties.

Property Flow in the press


"Property Flow platform has helped to share our listings to multiple channels, I would like Property Flow to have more portal websites on the platform so it will be much easier but for now, it's working fine."

- Tammy Uptown Assets

"Thank you. This APP is very helpful!"

- Cherry Siamprop

"Your Platform is so awesome! Thank you very much for recommending us, the tool on the backend helps us so much. I love your platform! Property Flow has the right tools for every company easy to use, genius, efficient as a 1 stop service to help brokers and agents delivery their properties to effective channels and manages them."

- Kavipat Arken Estate

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