How to promote real estate listings?

Because to start planning in real estate brokerage requires careful thought and strategies, both broker and agent need to know how to market real estate and tools that involve real estate and what will make your property more visible.

Real estate investing takes a lot of money and requires prudence and comprehensive knowledge in order to ensure that the investment is not wasted.

Today, digital tools and platforms start playing an important role in the real estate industry because it is easy to access locally and globally.

However, all companies do the same. Therefore, you will need to understand each platform and the facilities that make it easier for you and your team to work and to be outstanding among the crowd. 

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Understand your customers

Before we share our listing through the various platforms, you have to know who your target customer is. Which platforms do your customers visit the most? Which portals will you find your target customers? And what are the current real estate trends?

  • Customers – To sell the property effectively to customers, you should research for the platforms that your customers use the most.
  • Portals – There are many portals for you to promote real estate. You should visit their websites to observe the marketplaces and customers. If you want to sell a house in Thailand, but you advertise it on a website that only sells foreign real estate in Europe. That can cost you a lot of wasted money!

This is because some of the portal websites like Baania, Kaidee and DDProperty will have more Thai visitors than others who sell the property globally like ListGlobally.

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Create more favorable impression

Real estate trends 2022

To promote real estate, it is not about just the sale and how to market a real estate, but you also need to know trends that occur during this time. For buyers, the real estate market in 2021 was like a high-speed rollercoaster ride with twists, turns, and upside-down loops. 

While the wild ride isn’t finished yet (sellers still have an advantage through 2022), real estate analysts predict that the market will lighten up a little for first-time buyers.

Here are some of the trends that analysts believe will affect the real estate market in the coming year to assist you in better navigating the process of buying a property. Real estate brokers and finance professionals shared their best advice for first-time buyers based on these patterns.

  • There will be plenty of mental health-related locations and features.
    To put it mildly, the last two years have been a roller coaster. According to Zillow, intelligent health designs will be popular in interior design in 2022, and some design services will be expensive, such as spa-inspired bathrooms and meditation rooms.

    According to the real estate website, natural light will be prioritized, particularly in home offices and common areas; same as indoor plants that will also be used to decorate dwellings.

  • The affordability of housing will be a mixed bag. In 2021, historically low mortgage rates went below 3% at times, helping to offset increasing listing prices. Experts expect that both property prices and mortgage rates will rise in 2022. In addition, income will fluctuate, perpetuating the “good news/bad news” cycle.

    The figures: Mortgage rates are expected to hold at 3.3 percent in 2022, rising to 3.6 percent by the end of the year, according to Meanwhile, current home sales prices are expected to rise by 2.9 percent in 2022

  • According to experts, inventory will remain tight, and 2022 will remain a seller’s market. However, according to, the market will recover from its 2021 lows in 2022, with inventory increasing by 0.3 percent on average.

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Make it easier

Due to working on properties, there is a lot of information and data for you to catch up. There is a digital tool that can help you and your team to promote real estate easily. 

Property Flow is a platform and solution that enables you to effectively sell your projects online via a dedicated and branded project website, as well as provide online booking to your clients. 

It is also a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform that will help you with listing management. This can reduce the time spent searching for files, contacts, and the location of each property.

It is convenient and quick for agents and brokers to share their property information without any offline storage device that can cause an error. 

Take control of your leads by introducing a CRM in your day to day process

The functions:

  • Listing Management – The platform allows you to keep all the important details safely and effectively. You can save the property details, owner information, location, photos and videos.
  • Publish the listing to various portals quickly, Property Flow can help you to access local and international portal websites easily. You can select the portals that you want to share your listings, then click publish. It is easy for agents or even if you work as a team.
  • Share the link through social media platforms – People are so addicted to social media recently ,for example, Thai people use social media for 5 hours a day.

    It is effective because there will be more awareness of your listings, and the information will be accessed easily. Social media channels like Facebook, Instagram and LINE are worth your attention because a large number of people around the world have access to these platforms every day, so it is a good chance for agents to promote real estate.

    The platform can provide you with a website that looks professional and simple for your customers to review the information of residence.

  • Soft Brochure – The platform will provide a soft brochure for you which is easy to view and contains all information in one page. You can upload it on your online platforms or print and present it to your clients.


To market your property, You will see what I mean now. You do not have to accomplish everything all at once!

You can concentrate on each component and learn about the real estate industry while also making money! Right now, real estate is one of our hottest topics.

Using different platforms to make it more convenient and cost-effective is a good way to go.

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