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Who is suitable for using Property Flow?
Anyone who is a real estate professional; such as agents, brokers, and developers who needs easier and faster ways to market properties online.
Can I export my information out of the system?

Yes, you just request us to export your information for you.

Do you have free trial account? If so, how many days does the free trail lasts?

Yes, we have free trial account for 7 days.

How many websites can I distribute my listings to?

We partnered up with over 30 portal websites both in Thailand and International.

If the devices has been lost, do we need to fill in all the information again?

You don’t need to fill in the information again because we use cloud systems to store all data. All you need to do is log in using the email and password you have signed up with.

How can I be sure about data security?
We are not entitled to access or use your information that you put in platform. Because is your information that you will be the one to entitled. For more information, please see our privacy policy.
Are portal packages required?
Portal packages are required because Property Flow is the only auto-feed tool for all portal websites. You cannot buy property portal websites’ packages through Property Flow.
Can I use platform via mobile phone or tablet?
Sure, You can just use any internet browser, go to our website and log in.
How many devices can I log into at once?
Only 1 device per 1 user.
How do I purchase a membership from Property Flow?
First sign up at www.property-flow.com and you will get your user name and password. Second you log in by using the username and password. Third you click “Billing” and choose package you of your desire. Then finally, you can follow the further instructions recommended by the system.

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