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Custom real estate website development services tailored for real estate professionals

Build a modern, responsive, and SEO-optimized real estate company website with your own custom domain. Discover our real estate website development services to help grow your business.

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Our real estate website development services provide real time updates, powerful search, integrated analytics, and much more


Modern & Efficient Real Estate Company Website

Our real estate website development services are made to grow businesses and promote your branding.

  • Modern and responsive for all screen sizes
  • Effective online property promotion
  • Built with modern technology; running well on any platform
  • Provides great SEO with integrated website analytics


Real time updates

All your property listings will be made available on the website in real-time once you update the listings through the Property Flow platform.

  • No more delays on your property listings
  • No more need to main duplicate listings on different systems
  • Save valuable time through real time updates

Key benefits

Trusted real estate website development services to grow your business


Powerful search and online booking features enabled

Enrich your website with up-to-date features that boosts sales

Responsive and functional design for all screen sizes

Enhanced user experience for website visitors on all screens

Secure and fast hosting, managed by our team

Worry-free website hosting to ensure speed and security

Digital marketing tools with integrated analytics

Grow your website and branding after launching

Try the real estate software that acts like a team member


Powerful search functionalities

Allow clients to browse your inventory efficiently through advanced search capabilities for various search criteria’s.

  • Filter searches via property size, floor, rooms, and more
  • Includes extensive search filters such as amenities, facilities, and locations


Online booking features enabled

Our real estate website development services enable easy online booking and payment options for your website.

  • Simple online booking options ready
  • Easy payment options for your project or portal website(s)
  • Effectively reserve units
  • Easily collect your payments online

Optimized for all screens

Our real estate website development services provide the best possible experience for your visitors on mobile devices, including tablets and desktops too.

  • Ensures greater user experience for visitors on mobile screens
  • Fast, well-performing website on mobile devices
  • Equally well-optimized for tablets and desktops as well


Hosted and managed by us

All websites are hosted and managed by the Property Flow team, so you have nothing to worry about.

  • Safe, secure, and fast hosting management
  • Ensuring that your website is always updated in real time
  • Quick load times
  • Receive new feature-updates as part of the service
  • Get introduced to new ongoing features as part of the product


Digital marketing tools & analytics ready at your disposal

All websites are set up with core digital marketing tools to ensure the best growth, performance, and tracking of your real estate website.

  • Re-configured and set up with Google Analytics & Google AdWords
  • Facebook pixel tracking embedded on your website to track Facebook campaigns for your website
  • Effectively run other digital marketing campaigns for added traffic and lead generation from your website
  • Run dedicated campaigns towards various user segments based on unique targeting; such as inquiries performed and much more

Our real estate website development services

Property Flow provides a wide range of dedicated real estate websites to allow you to choose an option that best suits you and your company.

Do you have a great deal on your hand? Do you want to promote a specific property professionally and efficiently through online marketing?

Provide your client with a dedicated landing page for one specific property with a custom domain to help convert your paid traffic easier and complete the sale quickly!

Brand yourself as a real estate professional by providing your own dedicated real-estate website focusing on you.

Promote yourself as well as your property listings, to earn a reputation as a go to real estate professional in your local market.

Get your company website online in days with your own brand and custom domain.

Promote your company and your properties for your agents in a professional and cost efficient way and increase your lead generation.

Are you a real-estate developer, or want to provide sole agency services for developers? The Property Flow Project website provides you with a modern and cost efficient website ready with online reservation features and optimized for online marketing and re-targeting campaigns.

Expose your complete listing inventory through your website in real-time, and allow your clients to make a reservation easily online.

If our existing website products does not match your requirements, we are also happy to provide professional services to build and host a custom built website matching your exact requirements.

These projects will be done together with our trusted partner.

They trust us

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