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Take your real estate listing management to the next level. Leverage our real estate tools for agents and oversee your property listings in one centralized database.

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“ The platform has helped me reduce my workload, and now I no longer need a bigger team, which reduces the overall costs. ”

Lapatlada, Blue Whale Property

Let our real estate tools for agents and professionals manage your property listings effectively


Listing management system

Manage your complete property inventory one place. No more need to maintain multiple property listings on many web websites and real-estate portals.

  • Reduce your admin overheads
  • Improve the quality of your property listings
  • Properties will continuously be enriched with additional content via our content database; including both project and neighborhood information & images


Powerful search capabilities

Quickly find properties matching your customer complex queries through the powerful Property Flow search.

  • Specify your initial search criteria & narrow down search result until matching properties are found
  • Filter based on property information, facilities, amenities, and location information
  • Additional meta data will be automatically added to your property listings providing you more data points to search on


Optimized For Web

  • Automatically optimize & resize your images for web publishing to ensure quick load times on both web and mobile
  • Optional watermarks of your choice can be added for each image to help branding.

Key benefits

Manage all your listings in one place

Save time

Save valuable time and reduce costs by managing your properties all in one place.

User friendly

No tech experience required, since our platform provides all the right tools.


Powerful search

Narrow down your search based on customer’s inquiries.

Try the real estate software that acts like a team member


Owner information

  • Manage all private/confidential information associated with your property listing
  • Secure your data
  • Limit access to sensitive information to team members


Automatic postings to your website

The goal for Property Flow is that you will only manage and upload one listing, and our platform will take care of the rest.

  • Have all listings available on your website in real-time
  • Setup seamless integration with separated WordPress website (if any) that will update listings in real-time via APIs
  • Finalize sales for clients via agent contacts
  • Custom integration of platform to your websites to get updates on your property listings

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