US$300,000 investment from REAPRA will allow company to enhance platform, enabling greater convenience to real estate professionals

Thailand, August 7, 2017 – Leveraging a US$300,000 investment from REAPRA Business Builder, Property Flow (FindYourSpace) has announced that it will expand into Southeast Asia, starting in Thailand, and further enhancing its application to improve the convenience it offers to real estate professionals. Property Flow (FindYourSpace) is a technology firm which provides an end to end solution for real-estate agents and brokers on both webs as well as mobile.

After a period of bootstrapping, the investment has allowed Property Flow (FindYourSpace) to scale its operation, and build its sales, marketing, and customer success teams, to further grow its business in Thailand. The company has been hiring professionals who have had work exposure in this field with renowned companies.

Property Flow (FindYourSpace) was first launched as a consumer portal in February 2015. However, the team quickly identified pain points among real-estate professionals, which resulted in the company pivoting, to focus on providing tools and services for agents. Property Flow (FindYourSpace), the technology platform for real-estate professionals, was relaunched in February 2016.

Property Flow (FindYourSpace) is also looking to expand in the Southeast Asia region. The team is already working on strategic partnerships with regional players, with a view to positioning itself for regional expansion towards the end of the year.

CEO of Property Flow (FindYourSpace), Jostein Aksnes, said: “ The mission of Property Flow (FindYourSpace) is to help streamline the workflow for real-estate professionals, by providing tools and services that help them bring their business online and reduce administrative tasks, giving them global exposure and increased revenues, as well as a platform for seamless collaboration with other agents in the region. We are at the first stage of our growth, and the early response from customers has been highly encouraging. Our users are spending more and more time on our platform.”

He added: “Real estate professionals in Thailand as well as throughout the region are working very manually and in an offline environment today, without any well-established process. This is something that is currently hurting their business, by taking away time from what is most important – closing sales.”

Listings maintained by agents are often managed through excel files, and images in folders on their desktop computers or on cloud storage, making it difficult for agents to collaborate, and market their properties efficiently online

CEO of REAPRA, Shuhei Morofuji, said, “The growth and activity in the real estate sector of Southeast Asia are poised to accelerate in the coming years. The market is currently underserved, and software platforms such as Property Flow (FindYourSpace) are providing a unique value that focuses on improving the efficiency of real estate professionals.”

In addition to expanding the business, the investment funds will also be used to help in R&D to further develop the software and improve its current products offered to the real estate professionals.

About Property Flow (FindYourSpace)

Property Flow (FindYourSpace) is a technology firm which provides an end to end mobile and web solution for realestate professionals, including agents, brokers as well as developers. Furthermore, FindYourSpace provides products for media companies allowing them to add an additional content source and revenue stream, through a home section powered by the platform.


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