How to ensure your real estate data security in 2022

Read our comprehensive data security guide for real estate professionals to ensure your own online security.

We stated in our blog that your spreadsheet and photo folder should be more like an asset consisting of your core real-estate tools rather than a time-sensitive liability dragging down your business.

These inefficiencies can be a threat to your business, causing:

  • Delays
  • Lost opportunities
  • Embarrassing apologies to your clients
  • Data breaches
  • and more

Data breaches can be triggered by a number of factors, including:

  • Malware
  • Phishing scams
  • Viruses
  • Stolen digital information
  • Lost and/or corrupted files

Plus the most painful data breach, out of all of them, would be an agent simply walking away with your own spreadsheet and photo folder – as that’s where all your leads, clients, listings, agent, and co-broking data are stored insecurely.

Losing this would mean losing your data that is easily scattered in portable & easy-to-copy formats.

Nice property photo! Too bad it isn’t Watermarked…

A best practice to safeguard yourself against the data breaches mentioned above would be to utilize a centralized, cloud-hosted platform to safely store and manage your data.

Cloud data-hosting services are now competing for enterprise-level clients, meaning that whether you’re an independent broker or a small team, you are able to get the same level of data security as large companies, such as Samsung or SCB, enabling you to get firewall protection, encryption, backups, and access management.

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You may be thinking to yourself “But I already keep my spreadsheet and photo folder on the cloud with services like Google Drive and Dropbox, isn’t that secure enough?”

To answer that thought, think to yourself about:

  • Who has the login details/credentials?
  • Do you trust every person who has access to those credentials?
  • Those who have the same credentials are able to edit, delete, and even copy ever detail & photo related to the same real estate business

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Utilizing cloud-based data storage is only the beginning.

Picture your house or your condo – you have locks on all the doors and windows, maybe even a high-end security system installed, but does that stop someone you have allowed to enter your space to eat from your fridge, change the TV channel, or knock something over that belongs to you?

Now imagine all of the people who currently have your login credentials (to your Google Drive or Dropbox) as the same people who have unattended access to your home or condo along with access to your personal valuables inside as well.

If you’re allowing those to enter your locked home and access your valuables, it’s the same as allowing those with your online login credentials to access every detail of your business including your leads, clients, listings, agents, and co-brokerages.

If this is your case, you have a few options to consider:

  • Keep everything locked, but you may find yourself ‘rushing back home’ every time someone needs access.
  • Give everyone a key/access and hope for the best.
  • Try Property Flow and let our platform organize and secure your business details with our user-friendly cloud-based platform.

Creating a new listing with Property Flow gives you control over the specific information that you would like your team members, agents, co-brokers, and clients to view/share regarding your listings.

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Agent assignments

You also be given a link to assign each listing to an agent, allowing those assigned roles to have:

  • Quick view by clicking their user profile
  • Their own profile with options to adjust, comment, and re-assign their listings

All made possible from one simple and easy-to-navigate dashboard.

Property Flow is built on cloud technology with the goal to streamline your data security into a user-friendly dashboard; allowing you to put your main focus on monitoring & allocating your team/inventory towards the right opportunities.

Our platform also includes the ability to automatically add your own watermark onto your photos (protecting your IP!) and having control over who has access to your business’s core information; making the final ‘lock and key’ to keeping your data & business far from walking away.

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Improve data security for your real estate business!

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