5 tips for how to get more listings as a realtor

From listings in newspapers to now having everything accessible on a mobile screen, the real estate industry has seen some changes.

We have an increase in competition for realtors and agents alike to strive to stand out in the crowd in this digital age.

This article was written with tips for beginner real estate agents to get more listings and make more money. Keep reading to find out!

Give everyone you know a call

How to get more listings as a realtor

The traditional route of trying to get more listings is calling a lot of people. Not everyone likes calling other people, but it is a tried and true way of getting your name out there.

As a real estate agent, it is advised to collect the contact details of everyone you meet.

This can be done through the exchange of name cards. Once you’ve collected your list of phone numbers, it is time to put them to work.

However, calling people out of the blue to talk about your service seems a bit odd.

We recommend you build your relationship with them and then move on to discuss where they live and if they have any plans in moving.

If they are not looking to move soon, they might in the future or they have a friend who will, and by then, they know a real estate agent that can help them with the process or refer to.

That is your cue.

Connect with major local developers

It is essential for real estate agents to have one or two developers from their area in their contact. By getting to know them and building a relationship with them, you are in turn gaining their trust.

The next time they get new customers or listings, you will be the first person they’ll refer to their clients.

Sometimes, the developers already have their agents in mind, but you can befriend them both and expand your connections. It is very possible that both the developer and agent might share their listings with you if they like you enough.

Identifying your niche and focusing on it

When you are trying to build your visibility, it is best to start in your local area. We recommend to focus on the demographics of the people in your area and personalize your career according to that.

For instance, ask yourself questions like ‘What is my area known for?’, ‘Are there any universities in my area?’, or ‘Are short-term rentals popular in my area?’.

After you have figured out the answer to any of these questions, you can start to focus on a specific area.

For example, if there are universities where you are from, you might want to target students who are looking for cheap rental apartments.

As for short-term rentals, your target customers could be foreigners, tourists, or people in town for business.

A good idea is to help property owners turn their homes into Airbnb and help secure your buyer clients for life.

Gaining online visibility is how to succeed in real estate

The internet is your new best friend

In 2021, 97% of real estate buyers use the internet to get insights into the housing market and to look for their future homes according to a study done by the National Association of Realtors.

Therefore, the answer to how to get more listings as a realtor lies in your online presence.

The easiest but most important method is through Google My Business. When asked where people first go when searching for a property, most people answered a search engine.

With Google being the biggest search engine in the world, optimizing for this search engine is a great way to get more listings.

Google My Business is the perfect tool that allows people to find real estate businesses or agencies in their local area.

Using this the right way can help get you more leads and take your career one step further.

Other than Google, you should also be found on social media platforms like Facebook, or Instagram.

By building your presence on social media, you can create branding for yourself.

After that, you can easily run Facebook or Instagram ads to promote your real estate listings then watch all the visitors and followers pour into your page, and hopefully, a lot of them are your potential clients.

Having a realtor website is how to get more listings 

If you want to take your online presence to the next level, you can have your website built for your current listing and for more people to find you.

It is difficult but will promise you security in the digital age.

A great website is one that has a great user experience, provides contact information, and is able to convert clicks to leads.

To do this you can utilize a website builder tool one that is the most popular is WordPress.

This CMS tool is convenient for creating and publishing web content in your Search Engine Optimization strategy to get more leads. Read the simple guide to SEO for real estate agents.

However, building your own website is a long and tedious process, we recommend you to utilize a website building service specifically for real estate agents.

Property Flow is the perfect tool to help beginner real estate agents who aren’t sure how to get their listings to increase their listings and improve their visibility.

The service offers to list your service and properties in various listing platforms, allows for team collaboration, as well as a provides you with your very own website.

Modern real estate websites – get real-time updates for your property listings.

The bottom line

Stepping out of your comfort zone is the answer to how to succeed in real estate

There is no cheat code on how to get more listings as a real estate agent without reaching out first. The best way you can get more leads is to connect with people and build a name for yourself out there.

With the help of technology, the process is optimized and almost everything can be done on your mobile. We hope that these tips for beginner real estate agents can help you get more listings and earn more money in your real estate career.

Improve online visibility for your real estate business!

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