How to list on more marketplaces

Before we dive straight into how to list more marketplaces for your real estate business, we must first need to define and understand what marketplaces are in real estate terms and how they work.

What is a real estate marketplace?

A real estate marketplace is a gathering place for buyers and sellers of products and services; in real estate terms this means a buyer or seller of properties. Offline Marketplaces, such as marketplaces and shopping malls, and Online Marketplaces, such as websites or applications, are the two main types that you’ll need to know.

However, since the COVID pandemic, online marketing began to play a larger role, increasing the popularity of the online marketplace. As previously stated, we are familiar with the marketplace for internet sales in general, but the real estate marketplace is defined differently.

Marketplace  -A global B2B marketplace for real-estate professionals.

Things to know about real estate marketplaces

The real estate marketplace is a website that connects clients with agents, brokers, and property managers. This is due to the fact that the market is classified as multichannel e-commerce.

It’s primary goal is to ensure that transactions and service exchanges run smoothly. Users can look at various houses. Compare properties and buy or sell with ease. 

Let’s look at how real estate marketing software may help real estate agents and clients.

The top advantages of using real estate marketplaces

Favorable data

Real estate software gathers data from a variety of sources. This contains a variety of services, thousands of in-house data processing software, and customer relationship management tools (known as CRMs).

Based on user criteria, the marketplace delivers fast offers and recommendations to interested consumers. 

CRM – Take control of your leads by introducing a CRM in your day to day process.


According to the Sharetribe Youtube channel, EQT Ventures’ operational partner, Bard Bringeus, searches for European markets and IT companies that are likely to invest.

He just indicated in a new interview that the controlled domains niche sector has enormous development potential.

The key challenge is still increasing the geographical area and establishing a continuous supply and demand.

The geographic area is the key to increasing supply & demand.

Expanded research

In 2019, 44% of customers utilized the Internet as their primary source of property research. This number has risen considerably more since the Covid-19 epidemic.

Without an internet presence, businesses risk losing at least 44% of their prospective clients. 

Agencies and service providers use the marketplace to adapt to changing client behavior. They may easily increase their visibility and handle several agents this way.

Profitable business model

Real estate marketing software functions as an intelligent assistant that is becoming easier to use and access for all, as these SaaS solutions have proven to:

  • Increase productivity by reducing paperwork
  • Using tabs to keep track of all resources and providers, as well as manage all assets
  • Keep all important information organized and up to date

Brokers frequently use markets to cut expenses and boost profits, while leveraging cloud infrastructure for safe data storage and easy access.

After understanding the true meaning of the real estate marketplace as mentioned above, here we are going to get to know the Property flow marketplace more in order to make readers understand the process in a systematic way before we will lead you to list more on the marketplace.

If talking about the Propertyflow marketplace, some readers may not be able to imagine.

But for readers to understand more, Property Flow is a marketplace between real estate agents and developers for real estate agents and developers can work together more easily both in terms of sales and property management.

In the Propertyflow marketplace, we will organize the system into 4 functions together.

  • International trading
  • Real Estate Broker Management
  • Real-time storage
  • Online booking system

Overall, real estate agents have access to real estate projects all over Thailand and can work with developers through the Property Flow program, receive a commission rate, and access to all property listings on the system.

Moreover, the property developer will promote your new project to real estate agents.

Both in Thailand and abroad through Property Flow Marketplace for real estate professionals around the world to increase sales opportunities and expand the customer base by working with a network of real estate brokers.

Modern real estate websites – get real-time updates for your property listings.


In summary, listing on the marketplace is able to increase your chances of selling a lot more than that. There are many advantages as mentioned in the above article on the real estate marketplace.

Moreover, readers gain a better understanding of the Propertyflow marketplace and gain access to listings of the Propertyflow marketplace.

Plus, the easiest way to list your property more on the marketplace is to choose the right online Property Management Platform.

In order to make brokers, agents work more conveniently and not worry about listing anymore.

And finally, increase sales through collaborations between real estate agents and developers in Southeast Asia which will make all real estate professionals less work and have more effective work. 

Start your Property Flow account – it’s free!