Centralized Property Information Management

Bring your business online, and manage all your real-estate listings in one centralized database.

Manage listings

Manage your complete property inventory one place. No more need to maintain multiple property listings on many web websites and real-estate portals. Property Flow provides the required tools to reduce your admin overhead, and at the same time improve the quality of your property listing.

Properties managed through the Property Flow platform will continuously be enriched with additional content through our content database. This includes both project and neighborhood information and images.


Powerful search

Quickly find properties matching your customer complex queries through the powerful Property Flow search. Specify your initial search criteria, and further narrow down the result until matching properties are found.

Filter based on property information, facilities, amenities, and location information. Additional meta data will be automatically added to your property listings providing you more data points to search on!

Optimized for web and watermark

Images will be automatically optimized and resized for web publishing to ensure quick load time on both web and mobile.  An optional watermark of your choice can also be added for each image to help further product your images.


Quickly share the selection of your properties to your clients through branded email, automatically generated PDFs, or through social media channels like Facebook, Line Messenger, and Twitter.




Increase your sales, and revenue by efficiently co-broke with agents throughout the Property Flow platform! Quick and convenient way to search all available units on the platform, and to contact agents to help finalize your sale for your clients.

Also receive co-brokering leads from other agents with clients interested in your properties!


Stock Search

Get access to fresh and exclusive property listings with 100% commission for you and your team! Access the stock seamlessly through the Property Flow platform, and match the listings with your buys to increase your sales.

Owner information

Manage all private and confidential information associated with your property listing in the same place as your property listing. We make sure the data is secure, and allow you to limit access to sensitive information to your team members if required.

Automatically post to your website

The goal for Property Flow is that you will only manage and upload one listing, and our platform will take care of the rest.  If you are using one of the websites provided through the Property Flow platform you will all your listings available on your website in real-time without any additional work required on your side.

If you have a separate WordPress website then we can set up a seamless integration which will update the property listings on your website in real-time through API.

If you are using any other type of website please let us know and we will see how we can help and integrate the platform to your website to ensure your website will get updates on your property listings.

Property Flow in the press


"Property Flow platform has helped to share our listings to multiple channels, I would like Property Flow to have more portal websites on the platform so it will be much easier but for now, it's working fine."

– Tammy Uptown Assets

"Thank you. This APP is very helpful!"

– Cherry Siamprop

"Your Platform is so awesome! Thank you very much for recommending us, the tool on the backend helps us so much. I love your platform! Property Flow has the right tools for every company easy to use, genius, efficient as a 1 stop service to help brokers and agents delivery their properties to effective channels and manages them."

– Kavipat Arken Estate

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