Due to the ongoing evolution of modern marketing methods, it is crucial to consider which current market trends continue to produce the best outcomes. As a real estate professional, it is essential to have the necessary tools for marketing your properties to reach more prospective clients and close more deals.

Speaker Sissada (Golf) Siripongsaroj

Meet our speaker Sissada (Golf) Siripongsaroj who has +7 years of experience in Digital Marketing. His real estate-related marketing experience started in Kyoto, Japan where he and his manager renovated abandoned Ryokans into Airbnb for tourists and profit share with its owner. 

This model was so successful it grew to over 40 properties in a year. After the regulations became more strict, his company later sold the business and started a hotel chain in Kyoto called “Hotel Ethnography”. 

He is now working for Morphosis as a Digital Marketing Manager handling over 15 clients with SEO, online ads optimization, and content creation.

Our marketing tips demo session aims to assist other real estate agents to enhance their listings and marketing potential to the fullest.

    In this 40 mins-demo session you’ll learn to:

    • Self-assess and understand what the customers are looking for during their decision-making process. 
    • See what most real estate professionals are doing wrong to reconsider using the right tactics.
    • Apply these methods and tools to your marketing routine.

    Here are the 5 marketing tips for real estate professionals from a digital marketer perspective.

    Marketing Tips #1 Realtors without a website is like a house with no windows

    Do realtors need a website? The answer is, YES.

    Most realtors believe that having an account on Facebook means having your own website, which is not the case. Using Facebook as a website means less freedom and less control over your production settings and comprehensive listings. 

    Yes, you may be allowed to share your properties with customers in a timely manner, but at the end of the day, the link that was shared still falls under facebook and google algorithms. Meaning, your page is still not being found on its own when using the search bar due to a lack of SEO which can be implemented to your own website, if you do so decide to make one.

    Taking a look at the overall internet traffic. Facebook has only about 7.79% global traffic. Nonetheless, this app is one of the most used platforms in Thailand. Despite this, you may be wondering why we advise you not to use Facebook as your website when there are more people you could reach. It’s because it’s the most used application, which means that more accounts are active, and more competitors are posting their listings, making it even more difficult for your page to be seen.

    Which begs the question. So how do Thai consumers get to know about new brands? How do you get people to notice and land on your page? 

    According to Hootsuite: Dataportal, Thailand 2022 (figure 1)

    Buyer's Journey

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    Marketing Tips #2 Be customer obsessed (Demand Generation > Demand Optimization)

    Also known as being customer-centric. 

    Understanding and studying your target group is key. Knowing the customer journey in order to reach your target audience at the right time using the right tools would most likely help you close a deal easier and faster. 

    It is a realtor’s priority to create a customer persona and understand their potential clients’ daily routine, including when they wake up, where they commute, and how they get home. Start asking questions. One of the tools used by many realtors is Facebook, which allows them to target homebuyers with multiple sittings, such as when a client is expecting a child. You can tailor your settings to newlyweds, expectant parents, school districts, and transportation. 

    Starting from Awareness, then Consideration, Purchase, Retention, and finally Advocacy.  Customer journey mapping involves analyzing the physical and digital touchpoints at each stage of the customer’s decision-making process to determine what actions can be taken. Keeping in mind that during these stages, some tactics, such as the landing page, direct email, or call center, can be managed (in your control). Whereas earned (out of your control) are word of mouth, social media, and 3rd parties.

    Customer Journey Mapping

    Marketing Tips #3 Not all prop tech tools are created equal

    Find the right tool that fits your customer’s needs.

    According to Thailand’s proptech market map, 2021 – Property Flow is listed as a Real Estate Agency Tool.

    Find out how our tools can help you and your customer’s needs!

    Marketing Tips #4 Stand out in a sea of sharks

    Demand optimization entails that customers know what they desire by researching areas, property types, and prices. While demand generation involves extra work for realtors to help clients see what makes the property so unique, and what sets it apart from the competition. 

    Prioritizing Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing can help your page rank higher on Google. The longer the keywords that best describe your business and property, the better because long-tail keywords can lead up to 70% of the traffic. 

    Marketing Tips #5 Don’t be afraid to test out other ads channels 

    There are so many opportunities for you out there waiting to be explored. So don’t feel threatened by what’s new and trending by choosing to stay in your comfort zone. 

    Other ways to test out other channels are as follows:

    • TikTok for posting short videos – the most time spent on social media in 2022 (by platform).
    • Listing channels and improving quality scores – using turbo or boost to help jump-start your posts is ideal. However, the quality of your work, images, and description is the most important aspect when it comes to getting recognized by Google to be in the top-ranked SEO for it to appear for your clients.
    • Location-based service – pinpoints and targets a certain group of people in an area in one click.
    • LinkedIn when targeting professional experience – because it scales down to member skills and even years of experience in the industry.

    Looking into the Search Engine Market Share, Google is rated as the most popular search engine with a stunning 91.42% market share compared to 3.14% of second place is Bing. Yahoo is the most used by Japanese, so if you’re looking to target Japanese as a client, then perhaps posting there might help reach your group easier.


    “People don’t want to buy a quarter-inch drill. They want a quarter-inch hole!” 

    - Ted Levitt

    Harvard business school professor of marketing.


    Marketing is critical in your real estate business because it is the primary means by which businesses inform clients about the services they provide. The success of your business is heavily dependent on your ability to connect with the right audience, and that they have access to valuable information about your products and services through appropriate channels. With growing numbers of competitors in the industry, effective marketing will surely set you apart from them.

    In addition, it assists real estate professionals in attracting more clients and establishing vital networks of contacts in their field. Furthermore, real estate professionals who are actively seeking marketing tools to promote their firm and attend the event will have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience with the Property Flow platform with help from our sales team!

    Are you a real estate professional searching for more effective and efficient methods to market your real estate business?