Property flow marketplace

A global B2B marketplace for real-estate professionals.

Global real-estate network

Property Flow bridges the gap between real-estate agents and real-estate developers, providing a seamless workflow for agents and developers to collaborate on selling and managing inventory while collecting reservation fees globally.


Cross-border sales

Real-estate developers will be able to promote their new developments on the Property Flow Marketplace, and international sales agents can access the units in real-time.

Agent Management

Real-estate developers can manage groups of agents, with different commissions and online booking rules.

Real-time inventory

Internal sales team and external agents will have full access to available inventory in real-time and view all relevant marketing and sales information relevant for the project.

Online booking

Agents can reserve a property online, and clients will be able to finalize the reservation online by uploading all required documents and paying the initial reservation fee through credit card.

Real-estate agents

Get access to real-estate projects throughout Thailand, and collaborate efficiently with the real-estate  developer online through the Property Flow platform.

Get market rate commissions and access to  more inventory!


Promote your new real-estate development projects to agents in Thailand and globally through a unique B2B Marketplace only made available to real-estate professionals.

Increase your sales network by collaborating with a wide network of real-estate agents, while improving efficiency by introducing online processes for reservation, agent management and reports.

Increase your sales today!

Take part of the Property Flow real-estate network, and increase your sales through efficient collaboration between real-estate agents and developers in the South East Asian region.

Property Flow in the press


"Property Flow platform has helped to share our listings to multiple channels, I would like Property Flow to have more portal websites on the platform so it will be much easier but for now, it's working fine."

- Tammy Uptown Assets

"Thank you. This APP is very helpful!"

- Cherry Siamprop

"Your Platform is so awesome! Thank you very much for recommending us, the tool on the backend helps us so much. I love your platform! Property Flow has the right tools for every company easy to use, genius, efficient as a 1 stop service to help brokers and agents delivery their properties to effective channels and manages them."

- Kavipat Arken Estate

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