Property flow marketplace

A global B2B marketplace for real-estate professionals.

Global real-estate network

Property Flow bridges the gap between real-estate agents and real-estate developers, providing a seamless workflow for agents and developers to collaborate on selling and managing inventory while collecting reservation fees globally.


Cross-border sales

Real-estate developers will be able to promote their new developments on the Property Flow Marketplace, and international sales agents can access the units in real-time.

Agent Management

Real-estate developers can manage groups of agents, with different commissions and online booking rules.

Real-time inventory

Internal sales team and external agents will have full access to available inventory in real-time and view all relevant marketing and sales information relevant for the project.

Online booking

Agents can reserve a property online, and clients will be able to finalize the reservation online by uploading all required documents and paying the initial reservation fee through credit card.

Real-estate agents

Get access to real-estate projects throughout Thailand, and collaborate efficiently with the real-estate  developer online through the Property Flow platform.

Get market rate commissions and access to  more inventory!


Promote your new real-estate development projects to agents in Thailand and globally through a unique B2B Marketplace only made available to real-estate professionals.

Increase your sales network by collaborating with a wide network of real-estate agents, while improving efficiency by introducing online processes for reservation, agent management and reports.

Increase your sales today!

Take part of the Property Flow real-estate network, and increase your sales through efficient collaboration between real-estate agents and developers in the South East Asian region.

Property Flow in the press


"Again, I strongly recommend Property Flow as a must-have tool for every real estate agent. It's easy to use and it links my business to multiple property portals at once. The team is responsive and promptly resolves any problems that arise."

- Don, Bangkok Real Property

"Property Flow is intuitive and responsive. It is useful for my marketing. A platform manages, posts, and updates properties on portals in a few clicks, it saves us a lot of time. It helps to share on social media and print soft brochures for open houses. Also, my website has been created and powered by Property Flow, it's synced with all my listings and it provides us more credibility."

- Jang, Jang Property

"Website created by Property Flow is simple and user friendly. The platform is well designed and easy to use for my agents. It helps us to collect, store and manage a lot of property information, for example, watermarked photos, and videos, including maps. And makes it very easy to present properties to customers."

- Kik, Propodyssey

"Your Platform is so awesome! Property Flow has the right tools for every company that is very easy to use. The all-in-one solution to help brokers and agents manage and deliver their properties via multiple channels."

- Kavipat, Arken Estate

"The platform has helped me reduce my workload, and now I no longer need to hire more salespeople."

- Lapatlada, Blue Whale Property

"Property Flow uploaded my listings to many Thai portals and gained more exposure for my properties."

- Jean Charles, Best BKK Condos

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