Mobile applications

Bring your business on the go through the mobile apps provided by Property Flow! Always have access to your listings when you are out with your clients, and help match your clients needs on the spot!

Location based

Search for properties based on any location, point of interest, or by navigating the map. Find properties near-by with a simple click!


Extensive search support allow you to efficiently find properties matching complex client requirements through a wide range of filters and search capabilities.


Share selected properties to your friends, other agents or your clients easily through the application both through email, social media and messaging applications like Line, Whatsapp and WeChat!

List and map view

View all relevant information for each of your properties in a nice list view as well as on a map for easily navigation.

Responsible agent

View responsible agent for each property listing, and quickly contact the agent through phone, email or inquiry through the application.

Property details

View all information related to your property in one nice details page. This includes unit information as well as project and neighborhood details.


Run the applications on your mobile phone or on your favorite tablet for a bigger work-space!

Native Apps

Native mobile applications give the best possible performance and experience for the user.


Launch your own professional and feature rich mobile app for agents or consumers cost efficiently and branded with your own brand and name.

Agent App

Dedicated mobile app for real-estate agents giving full access to inventory while out of the office. Improve your efficiency!

Home-buyer App

Promote your property listings and brand by providing a dedicated mobile app for lead generation.

Managed and maintained

No need to worry about updated, or support. The applications are all supported and maintained by the Property Flow team.

Subscription based

No need to invest a lot of money to get a professional looking mobile app anymore! Get your own mobile app launched within days with a low monthly fee!

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