Hello, I’m Prem! A marketing student who recently graduated from Stamford International University. Here’s how my Business Development internship journey at Property Flow went…

It started when I came across Property Flow on Linkedin. I remember researching a lot about the company. Property Flow is a seed funded PropTech startup based in Thailand and Singapore focusing on digitizing the real-estate industry through innovative software solutions and technology platforms. 

What attracted me most towards applying for the position was that Property Flow is a successful software company that has a nice working environment and an amazing workspace. Moreover, it was a very interesting scene to see a company serious about software but also knows how to enjoy themselves while being able to work efficiently.

My tasks and responsibilities

Once I started out my internship, I was assigned a task where I had to identify prospective customers and partners of Property flow. Once I was done with that, I was asked to present it to my supervisor because they wanted to make sure I understood who the target market was & who we could potentially partner up with in the future.

I spent the first month of my internship understanding the product pricing at Property Flow. My supervisor and team would constantly test me on my knowledge & guide me through the important things I need to know about the company. 

During my second month, I had to promote the company online by writing articles & blogs that would be featured in the company’s website and social media accounts. Moreover, I was assigned to conduct a market research to identify new potential clients. During the whole time, I was working closely with my team to gain their insight in order to get more ideas and implement growth strategies. 

During the last month of my internship, I tried to take on a role that was very new and challenging. That role was being a salesperson. My responsibilities included calling customers, introducing them to what Property Flow is about & the services that we sell.

The customers I used to contact would mainly be real estate agents and brokers, therefore, I had to do quite a bit of research beforehand to get more information on who they are & what they do.

I practiced my communication skills and made sure that the conversation would be smooth. With practice and effort, it started paying off when customers were interested in the product and agreed for a demo meeting. My hard work paid off when the customer decided to purchase the product. I was very proud of myself & my team was very proud of me as well.

An Incredible Internship

Events & Parties

From work events, gala nights to Friday bars, I have enjoyed throughout my journey here at Property Flow. The activities during work events allows me to socialize and get out of my comfort zone. Usually I don’t like starting conversations, but everyone at the company is so friendly.

Free Lunches

The free lunches every Tuesday & Thursday enabled me to make new friends as the whole company has lunch together at one same space. The food is amazing, whereas, the fridge is filled many soft drinks. The pantry is also filled with a lot of snacks. Lastly, the coffee machine is a life saver.

Working Environment

The working environment at the office is very relaxing. There are many spots where I can work without having to sit at my desk all day. It is a very modern looking office. The office has many windows where I can watch the sun set. The environment encourages me to do my work.


After 3 months of internship at Property Flow, I know what I could do and improve. This is because you will have to work with a professional team. I learned a lot of new things, even things I did not think I could do before.

This company has given me both friendship and experience. When you have a problem or trouble, the team will never leave you. I hope all of you get to experience an internship like I did.