The new laws apply all residential property, including houses, condominium units, and apartments and also apply to landlords who own five or more properties.

Under the new laws, which come into effect on 1st May 2018, residential property landlords will be required to adhere to a new set of terms and conditions that ensures rogue practices are eradicated and that tenants are not victims of unfair contracts.

Since 1st May, landlords will no longer be able to ask for more than one month rent and one-month security deposit up front. In addition, a tenant now has the right to terminate their contract at any time, providing they give 30 days written the notice to the landlord.

Landlords can not add extra charges on top of standard utility bills, protecting tenants from paying more for water and electric than they actually cost and Landlords can no longer prevent access to the property or seize belongings should the tenant default on rent.

Landlords are also prohibited from inspecting a property without prior notice and they are also prohibited from charging a fee to renew a rental contract and must return the security deposit within 7 days.

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