Have great photos that could benefit your real estate business – but are unsure about the best ways to bring them online?

Whether you hire a professional photographer to take your property photos, or you become your own photographer with your smartphone, knowing how to effectively organize and prepare your photos for online distribution is vital to showcasing your property listings online in this day and age. If you have great photos, well then good for you! So good that it may attract another agent or broker who may ask you to borrow them for their own property listings, especially if your photos lacked watermarks. Bear in mind that the size of the photos uploaded to a real estate listing portal cannot be excessive. Worse yet, no one can discover your photos online due to the absence of alt tags for organic online discovery via SEO-optimized images – resulting in low visibility for you real estate listings’ online SEO visibility. Those are just a few of the ways to squander and not take advantage of your great real estate photos. It’s worth investing your time and resources to review, adjust, upload, and update your photos access and all your online real estate listing portals for the web to see. Best practices to managing your photo listings as a real estate business. Before you move onto Step 1, make sure you have these ready in place:
  • Copied the photo files from your phone
  • Sorted the photos that you used
  • Create cross-references between your photo folders in your computer (suggested storage solution to keep all  your files: GoogleDrive, Dropbox)
  • Name photo file

Step 1: Add watermarks

  • Can be done through using a photo editing application to easily add your own watermark onto each and every photo listing you will use – make sure to save your photos locally! There are numerous free online photo editors similar to Photoshop available, but which one is the best for you is determined by your needs.
  • See which of the 8 best free online photo editing applications to use in 2022 is the most affective for you.

    Step 2: Optimize for web display

    Via using your chosen photo-editing application as Step 1, go ahead and adjust your photo’s file size to match the image size dimensions fit for uploading onto email and real estate listing portals formats. Again, be sure to save the photo files locally and copy those photos back to the cross-referenced photo folder.

    Step 3: Share & distribute your photos online

    For email and for co-brokers:

    Copy your photo folder to paste into your desktop
  • From your email provider, attach your photos into your email message; your client should also have an appropriate viewer, enough bandwidth, and/or enough inbox space.
  • Create cross-references to your listings in a spreadsheet.
  • Delete the desktop folder for listing used in your email
  • Repeat this process for each email you send out
  • Now, let’s look at the difference in how to share and distribute your photos on real estate listing portals online (s).

    For real estate listing portal(s):

    • Copy from your photo folder to paste onto your desktop
    • Upload to your portal file-manager
    • Add unique titles to each photo
    • Add a description to each photo
    • Create cross-references for online listings inside your spreadsheet
    • Repeat of these steps for every additional website, for every single listing

    Now, let’s look at how your photos can be managed & organized with Property Flow instead.

    1. Go to your listing, or create a new listing if you have yet to do so, then go to “Photos and Videos”.
    2. Drag and drop the photos that you want to use, or use the built-in file manager to select the photos.

    Step 1: Add a watermark

    Simply click the checkbox named “Apply watermark while uploading listings images”.

    Step 2: Optimize for Web Display

    This step is applied as soon as you upload your property-listing photos. Our built-in tools would automatically optimize your photos for the best online performance.

    Step 3: Add title and description to your photos

    Each photo will have an input box allowing you to easily add your title & description together for your photos which are automatically added to the photo’s metadata; crucial for image-SEO and in boosting visibility for your property-listing online.

    Step 4: Share and distribute your property listing online

    Once you have reviewed the details of your other property-listings and have clicked publish, you will automatically be brought to the public listing page. 

    At the top of the page are two buttons named get link and share.

    Click “Get link” for a pre-shortened URL that links directly to the public listing on FindYourSpace. 

    Click “Share” to quickly share to Twitter, Facebook, and Email.

    Learn how you can distribute to local and regional listing portals with Property Flow here.

    Property Flow automatically distributes your property listing across all default and enabled listing portals, including your quality watermarked, web optimized, and metadata-rich photos.

    Done one time, in one place, to be shared across the world.

    Whether your real estate business is 100% done yourself or you have hired administrative staff, organizing and preparing your property listing photos for online distribution the old way is costing your business time, money, and lost opportunities.

    Still on the fence and unsure how to tackle these issues while we move into the digital age? 

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