On the 2nd of March, we had a live Q&A session on Property Flow’s Facebook page to answer all the concerns from our clients. Don’t worry if you missed the live session, you can still watch the recorded video on our Facebook page or read this article for a quick summary!

What does Property Flow do?

Many people misunderstood us as a selling website, but Property Flow is not a selling platform.

Property Flow is a listing management tool for storing and organizing your data making it more convenient to work with.

“We are a centralized platform, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and listing management. We are aiming to help the agents to work more effectively.”

To clarify, here is an example…

Some of our clients used to rely mainly on Excel and LINE to keep all data, such as images, numbers of rooms and sizes. As these platforms are designed for general usage but not custom made for real estate agents, it is difficult and time consuming to recall data when needed.

After they started to use Property Flow tools, all data is stored nicely and secured ready to be used anytime. With our filter searching, it will definitely save a lot of time and make it easier to work with the teams.

CRM Lead Management – Control your leads easier on-the-go and all in one place!

If I don’t have a lot of listings, is it possible to use Property Flow?

Absolutely, yes!

Starting early with less listing is even better because you can build a strong foundation with an organized workspace that is prepared for future growth.

We offer a free account as an alternative for users with less than 10 listings. Feel free to contact us anytime when you have concerns, our team is ready to help.

Stay on top of your lead management, sales processes, and contact management all in one place!

Are there any tips for using portal websites?

There are so many portal websites to choose from. There are Thai and international portal websites which used to be separated and the international portal websites are overlooked by many users.

We recommend checking on international websites as there are opportunities to expand your listing. The portal websites can be accessed by both free users and premium users, go ahead and check them out!

Have your property’s data maintained in one place, allowing for your data to be syndicated to all available channels automatically; saving both time and cost.

How long does it take to create a website?

Around 3 weeks after required information has been sent to the team. As customer satisfaction is our priority,

Follow up questions and updates will be sent to clients regularly during the process to make sure that every need is being fulfilled. We offer various types of websites suitable for both independent agents and companies.

Property Flow office is now located at The PARQ Rama IV, next to Queen Sirikit MRT station.

With bigger space at our new office, we are planning to hold events every month from now on. Last February, we had a Valentine day’s event, which was the first event since the pandemic.

Many clients came for a chat and went home with good promotions they received from our mini games. We are aiming to create a community where everyone in the real estate field can come and share their thoughts and experiences.

Stay tuned for news and updates. If you don’t want to miss any events, follow us on Property Flow’s Facebook fan page or add us on LINE: @propertyflow.

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