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Property Flow strengthens its cash and takes PropTech Farm as lead investor in the SaaS platform, and is now aiming for international growth.

May 11, 2021 PropTech Farm takes on the role of lead investor when the proptech SaaS platform company Property Flow strengthens cash by 700K USD. Amongst the other investors are the founding team and Seven Peaks Software. The Swedish investment company PropTech Farm’s goal is to invest up to SEK 200 million in startups within PropTech over a 5-year period. For small to medium size real estate businesses, the Property Flow Platform, provides an end to end turn key solution including everything from access to inventory, listing management, CRM and real-estate websites as a service. Any person that has an interest in becoming an agent, or that is an agent can get started on Property Flow by signing up online, and within minutes have access to inventory and all tools required to start doing a real-estate business. Property Flow has been initially focusing on the Thai market, and is now looking to further strengthen its position in Thailand as well as internationally through strategic partnerships.
“Looking at how e-commerce has been evolving over the last few years, we see similar trends on real estate which historically is an industry lagging behind on digital transformation. More and more marketing channels are becoming available, which makes it increasingly more complicated, but important, to utilize all channels to maximize lead generation and exposure” says Jostein Aksnes, CEO and Founder of Property Flow.
Omni channel is widely adopted for e-commerce, and Property Flow is now focusing on bringing the same convenience and solutions for the real-estate industry, with centralized listing management in the core. The property data is maintained in one place, and this data can be syndicated to all available channels automatically, saving both time and cost. With Property Flow Core, a headless centralized Property Information Management Platform, the company is providing a modern SaaS solution that fits nicely into most digital transformation projects where property data is being managed, allowing the platform to gain more interest and adoption from enterprise clients.
“Since some years back we’ve been following the development of Property Flow and we see a great potential to take this platform and newly upgraded Property Flow CORE to the Global arena. We and the management team will now focus on making the solution available in all markets” says Fredrik Bergman, CEO of PropTech Farm

Property Flow Core provides the bridge between the real-estate developers, agents and brokers, and the various marketing channels, real-estate portals, marketplaces allowing information to flow seamlessly and accurately between systems. This allows our clients to effectively reach new channels and markets.

“As a software engineer I have always had a passion for solving complex problems, and the real-estate industry is an interesting space which has been slow on adopting new technologies in most markets. Because of this, we see there is a great opportunity to provide a technology platform to help and speed up the transformation process across a wide range of use cases, starting with real estate agents, brokerages and developers. During COVID-19 we see the increased importance of being able to work digitally, and Property Flow is aiming to help digitize the real-estate industry. We are very excited to Have Fredrik and PropTechFarm join the team, and Property Flow will gain benefits from the long real-estate domain and entrepreneur experience the team brings with them. With PropTechFarm and Seven Peaks as part of the team we are now ready to scale up further.” says Jostein Aksnes, CEO and Founder of Property Flow.

About Property Flow

Property Flow is a seed funded proptech startup based in Thailand and Singapore focusing on digitizing the real-estate industry through innovative software solutions and technology platforms.

Property Flow is a SAAS platform providing a wide range of turn key solutions for real-estate agents, brokers and developers, as well as a headless platform for centralized property information management, 

As a startup incubated through Seven Peaks Software, Property Flow takes great advantage of close collaboration with the strong team of engineers and designers in the Seven Peaks team. 

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About Seven Peaks Software

Seven Peaks Software is an international software and design company based in Bangkok, Thailand, under Norwegian ownership and management. 

The leadership team have been working with building enterprise software and dedicated remote teams for 15 years, and have positioned themselves as one of the leading software and design agencies in Thailand serving local and international enterprise clients.

A senior mixed team of 75  local and international experts provides end to end services from UX/ Design, Software Architecture, mobile and web development as well as building more bespoke cloud solutions. 

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About PropTech Farm

The investment company PropTech Farm’s goal is to invest up to SEK 200 million in startups within PropTech over a 5-year period. Founded by Fredrik Bergman, former CEO and founder of DIAKRIT and Linus Björk, former Sales Director at Collector. Investors in the parent company include the founder of Aros Bostad Samir Taha, Telia‘s former communications manager and VC manager Peter Borsos, Wellstreet Partners AB founder and CEO Mikael Wintzell, Pegroco Invest AB‘s CFO Oscar Rolfsson and JOOL Invest‘s CEO and founder Tom Olander.

Linus is based in Gothenburg, Fredrik from Bangkok and more employees strengthen the team in both the Nordic region and Southeast Asia. PropTech Farm closes the first five transactions now in April.

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