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What’s next?

To learn more about leveraging our available tools, we start by covering how to complete an online property listing by using a spreadsheet and Property Flow. 

Marketing, distributing, and updating your property listings across many online real estate websites can be extremely daunting, as you can often find yourself being overwhelmed with different processes to complete. 

On the other hand, with the Property Flow marketing tools for real estate, you’ll find yourself with a user-friendly interface for connecting your property listings to local, regional, and global real estate web portals – done with just a few clicks!

To get a better idea of how much power is built into Property Flow, let’s do a side-by-side comparison on how both options will be managing your online property listings.

Property listings “The Spreadsheet Way”

Step 1: Create a new listing 

  • Go to your local file folder or online shared folder
  • Open your spreadsheet page
  • Scroll down to the line below your last entered listing’
  • Write your project name, address, number of rooms, number of bathrooms, number of floors, property SQM size, property facilities, common areas, special property features, interior style, status, fixtures
  • Make sure to have all the fields mentioned above; this will help your property listing stand-out

Step 2: Manage property listing photos

  • Gather your photos and copy or upload them to your shared folder – make sure to cross-reference the folder & file names with your spreadsheet entry.

Step 3: Create your online property listings

  • Log into the first real estate listing web portal
  • Open your spreadsheet
  • In your spreadsheet, tab back and forth between your spreadsheet and the web portal to re-enter all the necessary information
  • Double-check to make sure that all your entered information is correct
  • Cross-reference the online property listing to your spreadsheet
  • Now go to your photo folder and copy your relevant photos onto your desktop
  • Start to upload your same photos again onto the first real estate listing web portal
  • Add your watermark onto your selected photos by using a photo-editing application, then apply that watermark
  • Save
  • Now, upload them again!

After all this, you may discover that this website lists your photos according to the order in which they were uploaded. 

Note: If the photos are not uploaded in the desired order, you will need to delete and reupload all of them.

Invalid file dimensions, such as the inability to store a large photos or a photo format, may also cause issues. This means that you would also need additional photo editing software to resize your photo in order to successfully upload it again while ensuring that its quality remain high or lossless.

Once these steps are completed, you must re-upload your photos (in the correct order) and then click publish.

Now, repeat all of these steps for each of the property listings you wish to upload on the real estate website.

Does your property inventory consist of 10 different listings? If not, is it up to 100 listings, or even 1,000? Yikes!

It will be extremely daunting and time-consuming to repeat the steps mentioned above for the number of property listings that you wish you take online, not to mention keeping them updated.

Maintenance alone will require full-time employment!

Now, let’s look at how to get your property listings online with

“Property Flow Way”

Step 1: Creating a new online property listing.

  • Log into your Property Flow account
  • On the main dashboard, click “Add new property”
  • See the already pre-formatted fields to help you fill out your property listing information – including an overview, listing info, contract type (rent or sales), as well as connect to google maps for the accurate property location, and more.
  • See the useful drag/upload your photos & videos option – which is already automatically re-sized for optimal web display
  • Add other additional information/details that would be useful to others – tick all the amenities associated with your property.
  • Enter the property’s owner information (is he/she an existing owner or a new owner)
  • Add any additional private notes about your property listing that you would like an agent to know about (such as where the key is located, special directions to your property, times available for showcasing, and more)
  • Click Publish!

Complete the steps mentioned above, then you’re done and all set!

Plus, your property listing will be indexed by:

  • Google
  • Bing 
  • Yandex and Baidu
  • Other search engines 

Bring your property listings online today!


Your property listings are now available online across the world for more potential clients to see and access.

What about making updates to your online property listings? 

Making changes to your listings within the Property Flow platform will automatically publish those updates across every default real estate listing portal for you.

Rather than spending your valuable time updating each and every property listing online, it is smarter to be spending every available resource towards finding new matches and closing deals instead.

For independent agents, creating an agent profile with Property Flow gives you an online presence without the need to buy a dedicated website. All of your properties are available online with our dedicated property listing landing pages.

Large brokerage firms can unleash internal admin teams with Property Flow to let them focus on supporting agents and running the office instead of burying them under a mountain of redundant data maintenance.

Are you anywhere in between or looking to grow your business? Property Flow provides everything you and your real estate team need to manage your property listings and get them online. Save time and reduce your costs without maintaining multiple property listings, plus increase your lead generation and revenue by reaching bigger audiences through our syndication features.

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