How to succeed in real estate using just your phone

With people spending more and more time on their phones, realtors, and agents must now beg the question on how to work real estate on mobile.

As we see the topic of PropTech becoming hotter by the second, real estate agents must jump on the wagon before it’s too late.

We have put together 5 ways you can work as an agent on mobile applications. Read on to find out

1. Photography for real estate on mobile

The best thing about using your phone for business is that it has almost everything needed to keep your business alive.

One of those is the camera function which is convenient for real estate agents to update their photo galleries for their listings, on the spot!

Investing in a smartphone that has high camera quality is more important than you think.

Think about how a DSLR camera offers great quality images but is extremely expensive and inconvenient to carry around on your house-hunting errands.

So who doesn’t like high quality things for cheaper and fits right in your pocket? Exactly.

Learn how to work lighting, compositions, contrast, and saturation on your phone to take your photos to the next level and help you gain more leads.

Your smartphones will then become your new best friend. From taking photos, editing, and sharing them with your team, to updating your listings so you can boost the visibility of real estate on mobile.

2. Your phone being a document processor

Right now, technology is so advanced, you can turn a piece of a document into a pdf file with your phone in under a minute.

Legal documentation is part of the package of being an agent or realtor. With a document scanning application, you’re able to send pdf files of your documents electronically to your clients.

A good scanning application is AdobeScan which guarantees you’ll get the job done.

Remember when we had to send documents through the mails, sign them on paper, and send it back? What a time.

Now you don’t have to sign on paper to make it legally binding. However, in order to make your leasing contracts or any contracts at all enforceable, we recommend using a dedicated electronic signature app.

Whether you’re an agent waiting to sign a contract or have them signed by contractors or clients, eSigning saves the two most important resources; time and money.

Some recommended eSigning apps for real estate agents are:

  • Signwell: Free document signing app!
  • PandaDoc: Great for signing to collect payment
  • Docusign: Suitable for businesses that sign many documents

These guarantee a smooth transition for real estate on mobile.

3. Taking advantage of your phone’s alerts

How many times have you forgotten to check your emails or respond back to clients? I know I have.

Despite our phones being right with us, we get carried away by other tasks and that is not good especially if you’re a real estate agent. Because that means leaving your leads hanging.

What’s great about your smartphone is that you can set reminders when you should check your emails and respond to them.

Another way you should be reminded is events or meetings with clients. These reminders can be done on both android and iOS. On iPhones, it can be set in the reminder app, and for androids, you can do it via google calendar.

After all, staying on top of your schedules and responding to clients diligently is the answer to ‘How to succeed in real estate’.

4. Organize communication and listing through mobile application

If you are an agent working alongside many other agents, communication between teams is very important.

A mobile application that allows you to interact with other team members less formally than an email is very beneficial.

An application like Slack enables you to effectively communicate, create channels for various topics. After all, staying on top of your team communication is how to succeed in real estate.

Other than that, many apps work for many functions. Real estate agents should utilize a listing tracking application. It should allow for new properties searches for clients, new listings alerts, details of listings, and agents responsible for the listing.

Luckily, the PropertyFlow application can do all of that and more.

Get a free trial of our application now to keep up with new listings and take your real estate game to the next level.

Therefore, applications mentioned above are great to manage real estate on mobile.

5. Using a CRM platform

A Customer Relationship Management system is a platform that allows for the management of communication with both leads and clients.

As more and more traditional tasks are digitized, you as an agent will need a one-stop solution for all your real estate tasks. By upholding communications with clients and managing real estate on mobile, it is how to succeed in real estate.

PropertyFlow CRM platform helps you manage leads from different listing sites in one place seamlessly.

Furthermore, you can track and trace the process of closing a deal of more than one agent if you are managing an agency.

Have problems with keeping track of your contacts? Spreadsheet is outdated and is dangerous if one of your members leaves and joins another agency.

Therefore, PropertyFlow’s CRM system solves this problem by simply storing all your leads securely in one place.

Interested in securing your data and creating a streamlined process for all of your real estate agent tasks? Talk to us!


Mobile applications can really help make the transition from traditional to mobile for real estate agents smooth.

We hope these 5 tips answer your questions on how to succeed in real estate using just your phone!

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