8 Functions to help brokers work like a pro with the Property Flow platform

Have you ever felt tired from an obsolete working methods?

Many brokers still keep the list of assets by writing on paper or different folders (one file for picture and another file for data). Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a tool to help you keep inventory organized? Moreover, you can work with other management in one place. For example, you may still store all data by paper, excel file, or even online. Then, when you need the data for your customers, you are busy finding it from your piles of paper and files, or even posting property listings on the web. Many brokers post their own listings on multiple websites. It takes a lot of time and effort to list your property on a portal website one by one. And when you need to edit something, you need to edit it one by one too. Have you ever felt tired of wasting time doing these tasks?

Property Flow, a platform that understands how real estate agent work 

For brokers we understand that ‘time’ is important, so the Property Flow platform will help manage the work of real estate agents with 8 tools on the platform from property collecting to property listing on quality web portals.

Let’s take a look at How our tools can help agents and brokers to manage their properties. 


Let’s begin with the platform’s homepage. This page will show the total lists of all properties of the user or team for them to view an overview of all property collections. Moreover, users can view the status of each property that has been stored on the Property Flow platform. This page also includes statistics on user access to the platform of 7 day periods.  This tool will analyze business plans for both themselves and their teams. 

(Preview of the dashboard platform)

Add property (Add new listing)

The next step is a tool that brokers can store real estate listing all in one place, so you don’t have to be frustrated about storing separate files anymore. Moreover, you can enter the complete details of the property and post announcements, such as pictures, watermarks, maps, facilities, and so on.  This tool will help brokers store their properties in a systematic way, so the working process is more efficient and easy to follow in the steps. 

(Example of the platform on the page of adding property)

All listings

You are able to manage all real estate listings on this page whether searching for a list of properties through a filter to get a list of properties that match your needs or managing all property listings such as editing listings, share listings on social media, or print listing of assets in PDF format to present customers.

(Picture of the platform for all real estate listings)

Interested customers (Leads)

For effective follow-up you can keep a record of the list of customers, or you can track customers who are interested in your property. This tool will help agents work easier in one place.

(Preview of the platform in front of interested customers)


This page is like a contact book of a broker. You can add contacts, edit or delete them in one tool. Collecting  name, phone number, email address and line ID will help brokers search and tracking results effectively. 

(Preview of contact page platform)


This tool is for brokers to meet each other easily. With the Co-broker tool, you just filter to find your desired properties. Then, you click send a message and enter details to request to be a co-broker. The system will automatically send an email to the broker who you requested to be a joint agent. 

(Preview of the co-agent page platform)


To make it easy and quick to access various project with our functions. Agents can search for desired projects and look at the property lists of the projects whether for sell or rent. Moreover, you can be a co-broker or contact them to be a sales representative of the projects and receive normal commissions. 

(Project page platform example)

Publish (Distribute)

The magic tool is here. You can post the lists of properties that you have stored on the Property Flow platform on the leading portal websites in one-click which are both domestic and international. Property Flow platform automatically posts your listing on those websites. In addition, the website on the Property Flow platform is considered the leading quality portal website. There are both free and non-free listing options in which this section will have more details.

(Preview of the platform release page)

Are you ready to change your working style, so that you can work more efficiently?

All of these are Property Flow, a platform that meets the needs of real estate agents so they can work more efficiently. With our easy-to-use tools you don’t have to worry about paperwork anymore. It actually reduces the workflow. Whether you are independent agents, brokers, teams, franchise, or real-estate developers, the property flow platform can help you work more easily and efficiently. 

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