Growing your Real Estate Business

Whether you are an independent agent, growing brokerage firm, or already a household name in the real estate industry, your workflow probably runs on these three tools: a spreadsheet, a photo folder, and a cell phone – hopefully, a smartphone. Sometimes the spreadsheet and photos are kept on a single computer and shared by email, more commonly they are found uploaded to online services like Google Drive or Dropbox for quick sharing.

So far it has probably worked ok. You are becoming a spreadsheet master or hired someone to manage it for you, and you are still in the business and business is good… but along the way there have been data-entry errors, corrupted and lost data, crashed spreadsheets, and the most painful of all – data breaches, when someone walked away with your entire database of leads, contacts, and listings.

Let’s assume that you have been able to absorb the cost of some or all of the above scenarios, or even better, you and/or your team are zen-level spreadsheet users and have yet to encounter any of these scenarios. Great.

Now ask yourself this, how have things been going with taking your business and listings online?

Why you need Property Flow!

Even for zen-level spreadsheet users, marketing and distributing and updating listings across the dizzying array of online real estate tools is a daunting, often overwhelming, prospect. Clients are using online research tools as a standard practice, which means guaranteeing your listings are up-to-date across multiple platforms is crucial for gaining *and* maintaining visibility.

Are you feeling the pain of any or all of these problems? Whether you know it or not, you are ready to step up to a dedicated solution for efficiently managing your online listings.

Good news, you are already on the website for best real estate online listings management platform – Property Flow.

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