Who do we help?

Property Flow is helping a wide range of different real-estate professionals getting their business online, and digitizing their offline processes. Please have a look below to learn more on how we help others.


As a real-estate developer your core business is building and selling properties, and not getting frustrated about IT systems.   Property Flow provide a end to end solution allowing you to efficiently manage your inventory online, and give your internal sales team and external agents full access in availability for your projects and units.

Market your projects online by modern and branded project websites allowing you to promote and expose all available units  to further increase lead generation.  Run online marketing campaigns with online booking to further increase your sales.



Are you experiencing these challenges?

Inventory management

Are you still working with Excel files? Move your properties online, and make sure the listings are secure and make it easier for  your team to search and work with the listings.

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Project Marketing

Do you market your project in an efficient way, and do you allow your clients to have real-time access to your properties through your website?

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Collaboration with agents

Do you have a time consuming process working with external agents, and on-boarding additional agents to sell your properties?

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Online booking

You don’t yet have any online channel allowing your clients and agents to efficiently reserve your units, and spend much time with offline offline processes.

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