Who do we help?

Property Flow is helping a wide range of different real-estate professionals getting their business online, and digitizing their offline processes. Please have a look below to learn more on how we help others.

Real-estate franchises

As a real-estate franchise you have different requirements than regular agents and brokers. You need to be able to manage offices and users, as well as have visibility on each office and agents performance.

Note: A more tailored solution for franchises is under development. Contact us to learn how we can help now.

Are you experiencing these challenges?

Listing management

You want to allow all agents and offices to manage their own database off listings online.

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As a franchise owner, you want to be able to offer a one-stop solution for your offices, including a modern and branded website available on an affordable monthly subscription.

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Search across offices

You want to provide a solution for your offices, allowing them to easily search listings across your offices, and encourage collaboration to increase revenue.

Brand experience

You want to provide a branded and consistent experience for each office, with dedicated domain name and your companies branding.

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